I was invited round to Karen’s for Sunday night bangers and mash (horseradish mash – YES!). Being a good guest, I wanted to take something round, but with payday that little bit too far away (a whole six hours no less) for me to afford a bottle of wine I plumped for making dessert instead, trying a new one into the bargain.

Jamie Oliver’s little frangipane tarts

They look like buns. But they are so much better than that.

I finally got Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals the other week (£8.99? Thank you Sainsburys!) and have been itching to try stuff from it ever since. My first attempt was Pregnant Jools’ Pasta (great review here), and this is the dessert that should have gone with it (the irony of me not having the time to do the two together is not lost on me). So as it was delayed by ten days, was it worth the wait?

Save your arms, and some time
Firstly the recipe took a bit longer than the 30 minutes in which Jamie can do two or three other courses. This isn’t his fault though – I’m blaming Sainsburys (yes, I am fickle). The recipe calls for six deep-fill pastry cases, but being unable to find them in the supermarket, I made my own (prob a damn sight cheaper too). Whizzed it all up in the food processor and went on my way.

The filling was mega-easy too - chuck everything in a bowl, mix it all up and then spoon it into the cases over some raspberry jam. The only thing I would say is that mixing up the frangipane with a spoon as the recipe suggests is time consuming and potentially hard work. Save your arms and use an electric hand mixer if you’ve got one. And then enjoy the remnants in the bowl. One of the best things about grown up baking is not having to share your leftover mixture. Raw egg? Pah! It’s still delicious and it’s aaaallll yours!

Nom rating?
Even if I do say so myself, these were amazing. Having a full set of sweet teeth I love marzipan-y things anyway, but the frangipane mixture had a good bite, and the subtle hint of orange zest gave it a pleasant citrus-y tang.  It’s definitely a good idea to split the mixture over several more pastry cases than called for by the recipe - any bigger and they would have been on the wrong side of sickly. My mixture made 12 tarts – the perfect size for a snack with a cup of tea.

The tarts passed the Flatmate Test with flying colours. Karen seemed quite excited to be left with a couple for the next day (her brother apparently had second helpings immediately after I left). Dee said she couldn’t do anything while she was eating hers as she ‘needed to concentrate on it.’ The verdict? So very delicious. And definitely worth the wait.

These tarts were brought to you by The Very Best of Prince (with apologies for the standard of the site – he doesn’t appear to have an official website?!) - a classic. Prince is the only artist on my iPod for whom the Genius function does not work. Does that make him a genius? Download: Little Red Corvette.